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Imagine if Keith Urban and Pearl Jam had a baby.... A 6 foot 2 inch, long haired baby who sings with a deep raw voice that could make you jump and dance with joy or cry your heart out- or sometimes both? 
Meet Jonny Taylor. An emotionally charged musician who doesn't set out to sound like anybody in particular, rather lets his love of grunge and rock music fuse seamlessly with his passion for country story telling, forming a unique country sub-genre dubbed "Gruntry".
Taylor has seen mainstream success following a stint on Australia's Got Talent in 2012 where he touched audiences around the world with his original song "Young Man", written for a friend battling alcoholism. His subsequent touring lifestyle and hours in front of the microphone have earned Taylor a reputation as one of the hardest working and most powerful singer songwriters in the Australian music scene.
Writing music to empower and liberate people, Jonny Taylor is a man's man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, but also isn't afraid to cry during a sad movie. These character traits are directly reflected in his music. It's tough, edgy and masculine, but there is a vulnerability that hits home and connects with people far beyond the gruff exterior and rocky tones of his music. 
As the saying goes, never judge a man by his earrings...

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